Some interesting bio info on former MASSEY shipmate CDR Midgett USN (ret) who passed away recently from his grandaughter Joanna Maney:

Joined the Navy in 1938, Norfolk, VA.  After training was assigned to the USS McDOUGAL (DD-358), then USS REID (DD-369).

1940:  Assigned to USS HILARY P JONES (DD-427) for commissioning and operated 3 years in North Atlantic, participated inshore bombardment at Anzio Beachhead, Italy.

1944:  Appointed Warrant Electrician, USS LIVERMORE (DD-429), participated in the invasion of Southern France.

1944:  Instructor at the Destroyer Pre-commissioning School.

1945:   USS TUSCALOOSA (CA-37), Electrical Officer.

1947:  Promoted to Lieutenant JG, Service School Command, Naval Training Station Norfolk, VA, as Officer in Charge.

1951: Promoted to Lieutenant and became Engineer Officer, USS MASSEY (DD-778).

1954:  Joined the staff of Commander Destroyer Squadron SIXTEEN as Squadron Material Officer and participated in the Korean Campaign.

1955:  Became Executive Officer and Navigator of the USS WASHOE COUNTY (LST-1165).

1956:  Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, reported to the Staff of Commander Destroyer Force, US Atlantic Fleet, as Machinery and Electrical Officer.

1959:  Commissioning Commanding Officer of the USS WOOD COUNTY (LST-1178). Promoted to Commander while on the WOOD COUNTY.

1969:  Retired from active duty after 31 years.

Anecdote on his service on MASSEY from Joanna:  I have been told the MASSEY received an award in the Engineering Department
during my granddad’s time on board.  I haven’t had the time to confirm that but one story I do remember hearing about was when he was on
the MASSEY.  He knew there was going to be an inspection of the engine room so he had it cleaned up and he had the guys repaint the deck.
And he added a bit of linseed oil to the paint so that it was extra shiny, and when they were done, it practically sparkled in there.  When the
“Higher Up” (Boss) came to inspect the ship, he was very impressed with the state of the engine room and when someone mentioned, “Well, now it’s time for lunch.”, MASSEY’s Commanding Officer made everyone laugh by saying, “Well good!  Have them serve it here in the engine room.  It’s the cleanest place on the ship!”