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Why Go To A Reunion?

Good question! I am probably the best guy to answer that question. You probably did one tour at sea, got out of the Navy, and went back to CIVLANT. Well I was a “lifer” for 28 years. When an old MASSEY shipmate asked me if I was going to the next 778 reunion, my immediate response was “I don’t do reunions”. Well he convinced me to go and I had a great time… and have been every year since then. Why? Well the purpose of the association is to promote camaraderie and pride in your ship, your service, and the Navy. The MASSEY Association does that well! I belong to several other Navy associations and some of them get pretty “clicky”. The 50s Radarmen don’t mix with the 60s Snipes! I know! I’ve been there! With the MASSEY Association, it doesn’t matter when you were aboard or what you did. At a reunion, you will find Commissioning Crew members who fought at Okinawa in 1944 coming alongside “younger” shipmates who were there on the ship’s last day of service in 1973. Being a MASSEY sailor was and is still special.

What is a reunion all about? Well it typically starts with check in at the hotel on Wednesday for early arrivers with the Hospitality Room opening up in the afternoon. Early birds usually migrate to the Hospitality Room for some libation and light off the sea story generator. The Hospitality Room is the center of activity if you are looking for someone! Thursday and Friday typically include tours to reunion sites of interest, e.g., Williamsburg, Indian Gap National Cemetery, San Diego Zoo, etc. After the tour of your choice, it’s back to the hotel and the Hospitality Room to meet newly arriving shipmates. Dinner is usually on your own at night. The Plan of the Day for Saturday typically includes something special like a tour of a destroyer, the Sea & Air Parade, or the Gettysburg Battle Field. You’re free to do whatever you want. There’s no pressure. Saturday night is our reunion banquet and is normally a coat and tie event. Sunday is check out for most folks and often involves last good byes at a group breakfast event. The week goes by pretty fast but at the end you’ll feel good about seeing old shipmates again and meeting new shipmates. The links above will tell you what’s planned for the next get together. Check it out and we’ll see you there!

Dick Pearsall
MASSEY 64 – 66


1. Skip and Mary Schnetzer - April 11, 2011

This is a very good web site. I like the way it shows pics of the current officers also. It is very informative and so easy to use.

2. Tom Parker 57-59 - June 18, 2011

During the Charleston Reunion I put together a little video of the reunion and posted it on You Tube. Hopefully clicking on the below link will open it up for anyone who may be interested.

If it does not open try pasting it to your browser.

3. Tom Norman - June 17, 2013

Tom Parker, great video! Did not see a link below, but clicked on your name and got the video. First time I have seen it, good job.

4. Steve Brown - October 13, 2013

Had the pleasure of meeting a number of the Massey’s crew while they were here in Philadelphia for their reunion. One gent, in particular, spent a few minutes reminiscing with me about his years aboard ship in ’44-’45. Apparently, he is one of only two members of the original crew still with us and is a ‘plank owner’ — I neglected to ask his name, but snapped a picture with him.

As the son of a Tin Can Sailor who served from ’39-’45 aboard the Tarbell and, later, the Lewis Hancock in both the North Atlantic and Pacific, those few minutes with this veteran reminded me of the kind of man my Dad was and the kind of men and women who put their lives on the line for us then — and now. We owe them far more than our gratitude.

Being brought up in Newport, RI in the 50’s and 60’s, we saw the Massey come and go during the Vietnam period.

S.F. Brown

5. Mike Roberts - March 2, 2014

Portland, Maine is a great place for a reunion. For those who like seafood, especially lobster, one of the best places the locals go is the LOBSTER SHACK at the twin lighthouses in South Portland. It’s a local secret. It’s a beautiful site above the ocean and also features a big lawn, seating inside and out, and a big fog horn at the end of the point. You can see the waves crashing against the rocks and look at the lobster pots floating in the water. The website is http://lobstershacktwolights.com/, but it doesn’t do it full justice, you have to be there to really take it in.

6. Kathy & Tom Truesdale - June 20, 2015

Looking for links to 2015 Reunion in Nashville TN, as noted in hard copy of The Big Dipper, Feb 2015. Are they available on this site?

7. Kathy & Tom Truesdale - June 20, 2015

Looking for links to 2015 Reunion in Nashville TN, as noted in hard copy of The Big Dipper, Feb 2015. Are they available on this site? Thank you!