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1. Dave Simons DC3 - April 7, 2011

To those that has visited the ship fitters shop, when you can through the hatch, on the out board
side you will have seen probably the only metel break on any destroyer.
As to where it came from I don’t know, it was there when I came aboard in 1956. The rumor was it came from a destoyer tender, who knows ?

David Simons DC3 56 to 58

2. Dave Simons DC3 - April 7, 2011

I had the honor to visit Capt. Daniel James in Dec. 2010. He was 92 at the time of my visit and living in Fort Washington Md. He was waring a jacket with the Massey’s crest. He told me he played a part in designing of it. At the time he was a Cmd. and the year was 1957 or 1958, if my memory serves me.

3. Judy Massey - April 7, 2011

Dick, the website is amazing, very 21st century. I enjoyed the write up on the last reunion. We were just in Pax River, Maryland minding our grandchildren while their parents (Julie and LEM II) looked for housing near Elglin AFB in preparation for their move this summer. LEM must report to the 33rd Maintenance Group in June. I have a CD of his speech at the reunion. My husband doesn’t seem to think you would want it but it is on offer if you think some of the members who didn’t attend the reunion might like to see and hear it. We have the MASSEY sternplate in Coronado now as it came as excess baggage on our SWA flight from BWI. I will send a picture when it is installed here. Kindest regards, Judy Massey

4. Dave Padavano - May 21, 2012

Dear Sir: My dad was on the Massey during the tail end of WW2. He is 84 and doing well. He likes to tell the story about the time the ship hit a mine and bounced from front to back of the ship and did not go off. He thought for sure it would go off when it hit the screws as everyone ran for the front. During this same episode hte sister ship they were cruising with hit a mine that exploded and killed 23.

My dad was a machinest mate and tells of the time he had to go aboard the Missouri to use their more sophisticasted equipment.

My dad is very proud of his ship and wears the USS Massey hat and pin I gave him every morning to coffee with his friends.

His name is Anthony J. Padavano… I am Dave Padavano

5. Gary Katz - July 24, 2012

Hi Dave, sorry I never met your dad, as I was on board the Massey in 56, sounds like a great guy, as you do, I tell stories too about the days on board the Massey, I loved that ship, wish I had some memorabella from her. Gary Katz

6. David Simons - June 6, 2013

Gary Katz
I’am sorry but for the life of me I don’t remember you ,sorry, but time has a way of washing out memories, thats life.
I have what I believe to be the placard that was made of the ships crest. Capt. James told me in 2010 at a visit I had with him that he was one of the designers of it.
I served in the Massey from 56 to 58. I was a DCG3 out of the ship fitters shop

7. Joseph DeAngelo - July 5, 2013

I was on board 1967 / 1968. I was looking for any shipmates that were on board at that time. especiallt in first division. I also sent in my applicattion to join at least six weeks ago and have gotten nothing back. Please Help!


8. Jimmy Yarborough - August 22, 2013

DC3 Dave Simmons, I too came aboard the Massey in 3/56 and stayed until 7/58. Loved every minute of it. Lots of fond memories. I remember FP2 J. Bolton, FP2 D. Kram, MS1 Barker (best leader I ever had in the navy) and you to Dave. There was also a DC 2 and a couple others as well..

9. DENNIS YOULAND - September 6, 2014

SEPTEMBER 19, 2014…

10. Jennifer Simpson - September 30, 2015

My father, George sharpe was on the USS Massey I believe during 1965-1968 or 9. Any ship mates out there that recall him?

11. Alix Bradfield - June 17, 2016

Hi , I am the daughter of Commander Herbert Kriloff , Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Massey ’51-’53. He is now nearly 101 years old and grieving for the loss of my mother, his dearest loved wife of 72 years. He has a photo of the ship in his room. I remember being on board when I was 7-8.
Sorry we can’t come to the reunion in Sept…we live in Australia!

12. Art jensen - October 1, 2016

To Joe DeAngelo. I don’t know if you remember me but I was on the USS Massey during the same time you were 67/6. We were home ported in Newport RI at the time and I was in the first division when I was aboard .iam sending my dues in to join association. Art

13. Bob Liposchak ETR3 - November 29, 2017

I served with Bill Greaves GM3 and Carroll Hawkins AT3 in the 1964-1965 period. We were friends and often went on liberty together. I would like to contact them.
Does anyone know their status or contact information.

14. Bob Liposchak - March 9, 2018

I took many slides of the Massey during the Nov64 – Jan65 period, and still have them. I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing them?