The 2012 reunion, hosted by John and Judy Curtis, assisted by Juan de la Cruz and Tom Norman, was held at the Hilton Garden Inn, Indianapolis, IN. on Thursday, October 11 to Monday, October 15, 2012. We had 57 people, including 31 shipmates and 2 first time attendees.  We were honored by the attendance of Lance and Judy Massey.

Thursday, October 11th   Arrival and check-in day for many, some arrived a day or two earlier.  The hospitality room, stocked with hors d’oeuvres, soft drinks, wine, beer and spirits was open for meeting,  greeting, renewal of old friendships and starting of new ones.  The hospitality room was open each evening of the reunion and was enjoyed by all.

Friday, October 12th After a breakfast buffet in the hospitality room, we boarded the bus for a tour of Indianapolis, a visit to the Indy 500 track, lunched at the City Market where we had a large choice of lunch vendors. After lunch, we visited the home of Benjamin Harrison, our 23rd President, for a very interesting tour, but, we were not allowed to sit  anywhere but on the steps!

Saturday, October 13th  After a breakfast buffet in the hospitality room, we boarded the bus to the Mississinewa Battle Ground for the largest “War of 1812” re-enactment in the country. A man was sitting on a bench waiting for us. When he saw our hats, he called out “hey MASSEY”. His name was Norman Clines, and he was on the MASSEY, 46-48. We talked a bit and found that he lives in Marion and is a friend of John Curtis. We enjoyed meeting him. There was some confusion on the battle re-enactment, some of us received word that the battle was canceled due to incoming weather. So, many returned to the bus. After a head count, John Curtis, Juan de la Cruz and Tom Norman went out on a search party for the missing, armed with cell phones. They were all found at the battle in progress! What happened? After the battle, the bus was to take us to the VA Memorial Cemetery for the Memorial Ceremony, but due to rain, we went on the Marion Elks Club where we conducted our Memorial Service. The Memorial Service was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Host John Curtis gave a welcoming speech, followed with Tom Norman who led us in prayer and a scripture reading.  Tom Norman read the names of the 20 shipmates who passed away since our last reunion, and 5 shipmates who we learned had passed away in previous years. Following our Memorial Service, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner buffet. After dinner, we had a long ride back to our Hotel.

Sunday, October 14th  After a breakfast buffet in the hospitality room, we boarded the bus for a visit to the 9/11 Memorial, USS INDIANAPOLIS Memorial and then to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. We then returned to our hotel, where we held our Annual Business Meeting. Our banquet began with a social hour beginning at 1800. Our President, Dick Pearsall, introduced our evenings speaker, Rudy Boesch, a first timer, 46 – 48 and final 3 member of the first “Survivor”. Rudy talked of his experiences on “Survivor” and at  times had us in stitches! After dinner, we had 3 door prizes: a 1 night, a 2 night and a 3 night credit to hotel bill. Phil Rush won the 1 night, Lance MASSEY won the 2 night and Darrell Hanson won the 3 night. Congratulations! We were entertained by a local group known as Classic Voice.

Monday, October 15th  Breakfast Buffet. We said our Goodbyes and set sail for our XXIV reunion in Philadelphia, PA.

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