The first day tour, Tuesday, Sept. 19 was of the Baltimore Inner Harbor first described by Captain John Smith in 1608. Since then it has been a ship building center and today it is home to several historic ships, among them being the Constellation, sister ship of the Boston’s Constitution and of the USCG Cutter Taney that is a survivor of Pearl Harbor. There was also the light ship Chesapeake and the submarine USS Torsk. We had a nice lunch at Phillips Seafood Restaurant. This was a six hour tour with guides and the coaches were handicap friendly. All cost with lunch and tips were included. The second day tour, September 20, we boarded our coaches for a tour through Federal Hill, the sites of the Battle of Baltimore and the War of 1812. We saw the Flag House where Mary Pickersgill sewed the flag that inspired the writing of our national anthem. We toured Fort McHenry and had lunch in Little Italy. In this six hour event, all costs of admission, lunch and tips were included.

The third day tour, September 21 was at the U S NAVAL ACADEMY. We saw the historic and the present from the sarcophagus of John Paul Jones to the Cadet Formation. Our memorial service was held in the Academy Chapel and is a fitting reminder that this is where MASSEY history began with the graduation of then Ensign Lance E. Massey in the Class of 1930. We had lunch in the Midway/Coral Sea Dining Room of the Academy. All costs of this event were included. We were back at the hotel in plenty of time for a membership meeting and prepare for our 1900 banquet. Our hospitality suite was open each day from 4pm until “lights out.”

At our business meeting, it was voted to make Savannah the site for our 29th reunion.  Tom Truesdale will head this one and if you would like to volunteer I am sure you will get great satisfaction out of it. Our close second choice was Buffalo or Niagara, but a return to Branson, MO could see us into the year 2020. Next year at Savannah, we will have an election of officers with the Presidency being open along with renewals. We will need to consider and put together a slate a few months prior so that we don’t miss a beat. There are many people who are reunion repeaters that are familiar with the functions of the Association that could handle these tasks.


Reunion attendees: 3 PLANKOWNERS;

Honored Guest, CDR Lance Massey, USN (Ret), & Wife, Judy

Speaker: Craig L. Symonds

Plank owners Wendell Davis, EM3, ‘44–‘45, & family: Ryan Davis, Jessica Davis, Ross Carter;

Richard Thompson, EM2, ’44-’46;

Jack Zagaros, SN 1/C, ‘44–’46 with son, Bob & wife, Linda, & family Terry & Judy Faue;

Others Attending:

Reid Alsop, LTJG, ’64-’65;

Bernie Barilla, GM3, ’54-’56 & wife Mary Jane;

John Bertram, LTJG, ’62–’64, & wife Lynne;

Joe Broussard, BM1,’60-’64 & guest

Alice Cycyk;

Henry Brueggeman EM3, ’62-’63;

Bob Ciosek, EM2, ’62-’64 & wife Phyllis;

John Curtis, QMSN, ’60-’63 & wife Judy;

Juan De La Cruz, MM3, ’60-’62; & Brother David De La Cruz; Al Figaszewski, BT3, ’55

Don Foley, MM2, ’66–’69 and guest Todd Vowles ; David Ford, BT3, ’61-’65 & wife Mary;

Bill Frizzle, GMGSN, ’62-’64 & wife Dolly;

Al Figaszewski, BT3, ’51-’55;

Don Foley, MM2, ’66–’69 and guest Todd Vowles ;

David Ford, BT3, ’61-’65 & wife Mary;

Bill Frizzle, GMGSN, ’62-’64 & wife Dolly;

John Gould, GMG2, ’62-’66 & wife Celestine;

Steven Graham, MM3, ’64-’66 and wife Carol;

Jon Grosjean, LTJG, ’64-’66 and wife Beth;

Darrell Hanson, EM2, ’70-’72 & wife Coleen;

Tom Hartman, EM3, ’70-’71 & wife Susan;

Buddy Hatchell, LTJG, ’61-’64;

Don Heenan, LTJG, ’64–’66;

Ed Holderness, SN, ’52–’54 & wife Teri;

Andy Kubishen, LT, ’63-’65;

Michael McIntyre, MM2, ’64–’67;

Gerald McCloskey, TM3, ’55–’57, & wife Marjorie;

Tom Norman, BMSN, ’60-’62 & wife Carole;

Dick Pearsall, LTJG, ’64-’66;

Mary Lou Potoskie, widow of Tom Potoskie;

Bob Radziwon, EM2, ’68-’71, wife Sue & guests, daughter Margie & Mike Talbot;

Mike Richards, LTJG, ’63-’65;

Gordon Risk, LTJG, ’63-’65, wife Terri & guests Alan & Carol Wolfe;

Jerry Sherbondy, ET3, ’56-’58 & wife Betsy;

Phil K Smith, MM3, ’65-’67 & wife Dallas;

Gordon Speer, FCT3, ’50-’54 & wife Marilyn;

Kerrah Stone, FN, ’64-’67;

William Thieke H, SM2, ’45-’46 & sons: William S., Jeffrey, & Bob;

Tom Truesdale, EM 2, ’70-’72 & wife Kathy;

Butch Walters, FT2, ’59-’61 & wife Joan;

Donald Wirt, MR3, ’70-’71 & wife Jo-Anne.

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