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09-15-2020:  To several new MASSEY Friends who within the last month posted a comment or question relative to a Father or relative’s service on MASSEY during her early years of service, the webmaster may have inadvertently deleted your posting while cleaning pending trash/spam postings to the site.  If you do not see your comments on the site, please resubmit your comments/questions.  Apologies to all!! 

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  • Jared Chieco says:

    Does anyone remember Father, Frank Chieco. He was never really into sharing his experiences with the family. Never shared his rate, what crusies he was on, etc.

    I am an Active Duty Security LDO (Mustang) and would live to hear about any experiences anyone can remember.

    Thank you all for your Service. It’s my honor to have the Watch.

    Very Respectfully,
    LT Jared Chieco

    • Dick Pearsall says:

      Hey Shipmates, LT Jared Chieco, USN is searching for a MASSEY shipmate who would have known his Father, Frank Chieco. Jared figures his Dad was on MASSEY late 60s to her arrival in New York in the early 70s. We are hoping that you younger MASSEY guys from the early 70s may have known shipmate Frank Chieco and will contact the LT at email address ja0522@gmail.com.

  • Jeff Peters says:

    Anyone remember my father Gus Peters 1952 778 USS Massey

    Unfortunately any years ago!!

  • A friend of mine, whose uncle recently passed away, was given some brass medallions, one of which is from the USS Massey (DD 778). The uncle’s name was LCDR Jacob Robert Holzschuh. I was wondering if you might be interested in having this medallion.

    The medallion is brass, about 1/16” thick, and about 3” in diameter. On the front is what appears to be the ship’s shield, and the back is plain.

    I served on USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) in the 80s, so have no connection to the Massey.

    Mark W. Pedersen
    CAPT, JAGC, USN (Ret.)
    1360 US Courthouse
    100 State Street
    Rochester, NY 14614
    (585) 613-4360

    • Dick Pearsall says:

      Mark – Your name sounds familiar though I tried to stay clear of JAG folks when on active duty. I am a past President of the MASSEY Association and the web coordinator. I would be very interested in seeing the medallion if you could mail it to me. I would then see how it would best fit in the association’s web of interests. Thanks for thinking of us and particularly for your friend passing on his uncle’s name. If doable please ask your friend if he knows his uncle’s rough dates of service on MASSEY so we can see if past shipmates may have known him. Thanks again. Standing by. Dick Pearsall, Capt USN (ret), 34 Shannon Way, Upton MA 01568, 757-679-8920

      • Randy S. Martin says:

        Hi Dick,
        My name is Randy Martin. I’m contacting you to find our where I can send some Massey documents and pictures.
        My father Don Martin served in WW II on the USS Massey from approximately 1944-46. He participated in several of the reunions in the 90’s and possibly late 80’s. I believe he participated at Sec. Treasurer for group that worked to hold reunions.
        He passed in Feb 1999 and I’ve kept documents he had. I sent message several years ago to some Massey folks, don’t recall who in particular, but never heard back. I’m looking for someone who may want to receive the box of documents and pictures I have. I’ve also got old VCR tapes of reunions that my father took.
        I hope this message finds you safe and well. Sincerely Randy Martin

        • Dick Pearsall says:

          Randy -Your Dad was a bit ahead of my time in the MASSEY reunion business but this posting should get a response from a couple of the older youngsters. I will follow it up and see if we can get you hooked up relative to the documents you have from your Dad Don. Thanks and Be safe. s/Dick Pearsall MASSEY 64-66

      • Mark Pedersen says:

        I am in the process of retrieving the coin. When I hadn’t heard back from anyone (and was unaware that you had responded on this website), I gave it to Chuck Baylis who runs the military museum here in Rochester, NY (https://www.rochestermilitary.com/). I wrote to him to ask if I could retrieve it and send it to you.

        • Dick Pearsall says:

          Mark – Sorry slow responding. Vacation time. We appreciate your efforts to retrieve the mysterious coin. You are more than welcome on the reunion info. Glad you received it. Stay in touch. Be safe. Dick Pearsall, MASSEY 64-66

  • Joseph R Milner says:

    Trying to contact John (Jack) Butler served on Massey 1947-1950.

  • Richard Pearsall says:

    RM1 Kelley Long – Thanks for your recent posting. Sorry to hear about your Brother in Law’s passing. We will add him to the scroll of Lost Shipmates and remember him at our next reunion. Be safe. s/Dick

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