Due to the extensive nature of the MASSEY history and the detailed recollections of those who served aboard her, we have broken up the ship’s history into several sections. Please click on the topic area for further detail on each aspect of the MASSEY’s history.

Note:  The historical information provided on this web site is not the official history of the USS MASSEY.  It is based in part on the recollection of many authors, some former Commanding Officers, all former MASSEY shipmates, who contributed to developing the chronology of events that marked some of the noteworthy contributions of this fine Man O’ War to our Navy’s history over nearly 30 years of active service.

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Warren Skinner

Hello Veterans,

My father was stationed on the USS Massey from 1959 to 1961. He was from Fruithurst, Alabama. His name was John Skinner. He told me, as a child, that he was nicknamed “Oscar”. He was a torpedoman. I lost him on April 13, 2001. He was a great man. I grew up hearing stories about his time on the ship. To all remaining veterans of this ship, and all veterans anywhere, I salute you, and thank you for your service.

Charles R. Cooke

Hello my fellow Massey shipmates, I was a crew member aboard the Massey from August 1965, thru June 1968, along with my brother Bennie Cooke, and am now in the process of searching for fellow crew members who served aboard the Massey during that period. The first, and only time I saw some of those faces was at the 2005 Massey reunion held in San Diego, California, which both my brother attended. I’m in the middle of a very important research project with a commander instructor at an intelligence university, about the Massey, it’s service in Viet Nam, and it’s… Read more »

Joe Castellucci

Charles, I served aboard The Massey January 1967 to October 1968. Are you ships serviceman who worked in ships laundry? I was SN Boatswain Mate and I operated the paint locker from Sept. 67 to Oct. 68. Contact me if I can be of any assistance with your project. E mail is Massey778@aol.com

Rate & Grade (If Applicable)
USS MASSEY Service Years (If Applicable)
January 1967 to October 1968

I remember her while at Gitmo April 1967 as she was alongside us, and had to cross over to my ship the USS Coates DE 685. Ironically my name is also Massey.

Joe Tucci

I came aboard as an FTGSN after you returned from your WestPac cruise late summer of 1966. I was aboard for the yard period, the Gitmo refresher training, the ’67 Med cruise, and the Key West Sonar School training ship in the late fall of 1967. I was aboard until February of 1968.

Rate & Grade (If Applicable)
USS MASSEY Service Years (If Applicable)
1966 - 1968
Anthony Lee Funkhouser

Hey Charles , I served on the MASSEY Nov 66 to oct 68 I was in A gang and stood watches under way in Both engine rooms and fire rooms during my time. I also spend many days as a Boat engineer in port for the whaleboat or liberty launch.
Liberty ship was a mess. We were first on site ,Guns uncapped and GQ station manned. We were ready to fight.
I still am amazed by the Liberty crew and how they kept the ship afloat with the huge hole in the bow.


Rate & Grade (If Applicable)

Finally joined Massey Association Dec. 2018-on board during USS Liberty incident in Med. summer of 67. Lots of great memories with shipmates.


I am looking for information on my grandfather, Conrad Giguere who served on the USS Massey during the Korean Conflict (50′-53′). Any information or connection with fellow crew members would be appreciated.


Melissa Liggio

I will ask my Father N Law I know he served on this ship during Korea War

LeaRaye Collinson Huff

My dad was on the commissioning crew 1944-1946. His name was Richard Squires Collinson and he was a GM. He never spoke much of the war but I was told he was wounded with burnt hands and blinded for a time. I wonder how to find out more info on this does anyone know?

Richard Pearsall

LeaRaye – We have one fellow member Jack Zigaros from the commissioning crew who was the ship’s pharmacist and may have treated your Dad. As an aside we have restructured this website so I have to figure out how to connect you to Jack directly. At the moment I don’t see how I can get your email address nor am I sure you will see mine once this is posted. Send me an email at dickpearsall988@gmail.com, Be safe. s/Dick

Rate & Grade (If Applicable)
USS MASSEY Service Years (If Applicable)

Does anyone know how I can get a Cruise Book from 1957-58, I would really appreciate that, thanks so much, Gary Katz,

James Davis

My uncle Arthur A Mick was on the commissioning crew of Massey. He told me some stories, Apparently his time on Massey meant a lot to him. I took a trip to Bremerton Island WA just to kind of imagine what it was like to be there waiting for the new ship to be ready (1944). He was a very social fellow. I’m sure he knew lots of the guys. As I recall he was a gunner loader. I remember him telling me about the ice cream machine in the galley. He loved that. Arthur has been gone since about… Read more »

Bob Liposchak

I was a DASH ETR3 on the USS Massey 1964-1965. I am trying to reach both William Greaves GM3 and Carroll Hawkins AT3 who were on the ship during that period. Would appreciate any information.

Bob Liposchak

philip krewson

Join the discussion…

Rate & Grade (If Applicable)
USS MASSEY Service Years (If Applicable)
philip krewson

nobody talks about the two Russian cruisers that tried to stop us on our way to help the u.s.s LIBERTY.or leaving key west,going to the Havana harbor to help Cubans leave cuba.took them back to key west.


I will never forget my times on the Massey, she was a great ship, and a great crew. I was aboard when Jayne Mansfield came on board in Holland, great memories, I was in ship’s office, with Chief Gearhardt, great guy, miss ya Chief. To all my shipmates, before and after my time, best of everything, you were part of the greatest ship in the fleet.

Arthur Roberts

I was in the Massey crew in 1960 to 1962 as Asst. Eng. Off. under Pat Joynt, who now lives in Sweden. My Exec. Officer was Lt. Commander Robert Scott, the best of the best. My first Captain was Commander Rusk. My ports were Mayport, FL and Newport, RI. Among many sailings, were to the Canary Islands to cover one of the first manned satellite launches, up the Hudson River to Albany, many duties off the quarter of aircraft carriers, and to Guantanamo and off Cuba during the missile crisis.
Who can relate to this time?

Jerry Stephens Jr

My late father, Jerry Stephens, served aboard Massey in 1954, 1955, and early 1956. He was a fire control technician second class when he left the ship. If any knew him or has any sea stories from that period I’d sure love to hear from you.

Colleen McClintic

My dad is a plank owner, you will see his name on the list of commissioning crew members. He is still living, and served on the USS New Jersey in WWII. He is an amazing man, and we are proud to be Navy! Colleen Balue McClintic, daughter of Thomas Balue

David Vaughan

My father served around the 55-57 time frame, and was sent home when Hurricane Audrey struck and destroyed his home town of Cameron, LA. His name is Harvey Vaughan, and he served in the sonar crew. Anybody remember him?

ken folmsbee

My dad, Merlin Folmsbee was a First Class Machinists Mate. Anyone serve with him in WW2 & Korea?

David Simons

I sailed on her for 2 years,and had a wonderful time. I’v been to several countries meet many many people and had the honor to help Jane Mansfield down the gang way in Ireland. In the north atlantic the ship recorded a 67degree roll. Of 43 days at sea we averaged 30 degree roll and cruised at about 3 knots . A lot of sour shoulds and backs from sliding in your bunk
This is what I recall 56 to 58

Mike Willis

I was aboard the Massey 71-72 and live in Morgantown PA now. I was looking for Reggie Register BM and Sammy Graham BM. They were on the ship during the same time frame.

James E Clifton

My dad was also a GM on the Massey commissioning crew,His name was James Hudson Clifton.

Jimmy kimrey

I have a pictue of the ship

Jimmy Kimrey

he was the 5 inch38 gun captin

Jimmy Kimrey

MY grandfather Robert (bob) Kimrey served on the massey during the Korean war. where is the ship located? because I would like to know and he is 80 years old

Hi, my dads name is franklin ferry hes 81now he was a cook n was in navy 5yrs.was 2yrs active n koriea. Just wanted to refresh his memory on his past hes not computer savy. So showed him pic of his ol ship. He enjoyed it. Wanted to know if any1 knew him. Was in navy around early 50s. Ty

Gary Katz

I was aboard the Massey in 56 -57, in ships office, the chief then was Gearhardt, any one know what ever happened to him, I have never heard about him since, and I do belong to the association. Thanks,

Kelly E Bourne Bourne

My Dad is a plankowner and loves talking anout his shipmates. His name is Kenny Bourne. Shoot me an email and I would be happy to arrange a conversation.

Robert Lane

Hello I am looking for anyone that was part of the commissioning crew and might remember my dad. His name was Robert N Fortmann and he was GM. It would be really great to talk to someone that knew my dad.