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09-15-2020:  To several new MASSEY Friends who within the last month posted a comment or question relative to a Father or relative’s service on MASSEY during her early years of service, the webmaster may have inadvertently deleted your posting while cleaning pending trash/spam postings to the site.  If you do not see your comments on the site, please resubmit your comments/questions.  Apologies to all!! 

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  • David McCarthy says:

    I’m trying to solve a bit of a mystery. I have a 4″ triangle of metal, tapered thickness, stamped U.S.S. BELLEAU WOOD, LT. COM. MASSEY, TRINIDAD B.W.I. JUNE 1943..My Dad’s Step-Father, Thomas Hilson, served on the Belleau Wood, a light air craft carrier, during WWII, and the date and location aligns with the shakedown cruise before deployment to the Pacific. What is the significance of Lt. Com Massey to the Belleau Wood in June of 1943? Any guesses?
    My email is: DavidC_McCarthy@comcast.net


    • Gordon A Risk says:

      Is there the possibility that there were two Lt. COM. Masseys in early 1940?
      Our “Lem” Massey died in the Battle of Midway which took place well before the Belleau Wood
      was commissioned in 31 March 1943. She would have been in the Caribbean before she went through
      the Panama Canal so she could have taken a liberty stop in Trinidad. If we could see the log or list of
      Plank Owners we would have the answer


    Hi everyone,

    I hope this letter finds everyone well. I am thinking ahead to our upcoming reunion and would like to add pictures to my scrapbook. If anyone has pictures from last year’s Savannah, Georgia reunion, could you please email them to me, I would love to include them!

    If you have any questions feel free to ask, my email is karensdueye1972@yahoo.com

    Looking forward to seeing you all this fall!

    Thanks so much!
    Karen Edwards

  • Wayne F Herrington says:

    Really looking forward to the Buffalo Reunion. Any idea when we get the info.

  • Richard Pearsall says:

    RM1 Kelley Long – Thanks for your recent posting. Sorry to hear about your Brother in Law’s passing. We will add him to the scroll of Lost Shipmates and remember him at our next reunion. Be safe. s/Dick

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